We are interested in oralities, music, landscapes, environments, inter-territorial conversations and all the possibilities of sound and radio.


  • Collaborate with AC radio and other local, collective, community, autonomous, free radio stations.
  • Generate and share sound materials, playlists, podcasts, etc.
  • Use radio broadcasts as a channel of conversation between diverse localities.

Related events during d-15:
Radial conversation: our relationship with plants. 14 de julio de 2022

This activity aims to create a conversation regarding the deep links we have with plant beings: vegetables, seeds, flowers, trees, herbs. What stories do they evoke in us? How do we narrate and share them in a way that helps us make the links visible? How does it bring us back to the relationship we have with mountains, bodies of water, air, animals, plants, fungi, rocks, and other human beings?

Feast: time to share harvest, cook and eat together. Presentation of the Food and Climate Justice Assembly. 22 de julio de 2022

The main objective of this event is to cook and eat together. We are sure that the ingredients, flavors and recipes are portals to our territories, cultures, ways of living and relationships with other non-human beings. Plant-based food. Food as a starting point to deepen the care and diversity of ways of living. How do we relate to food? How do we taste? What is the sensory relationship between the body and food? How do human beings relate to other living beings? Presentation of the food and climate justice assembly. Recognizing the knowledge and sensitivity of the communities that defend their territories. How do we respect the life of rivers, seas, forests and other ecosystems beyond the «services» they provide to human societies? How do the indigenous peoples of the past and present conceive of reciprocity and mutual aid between species?

This event includes radio broadcasting.